Saturday, May 24, 2003

Pole Vault
Rolling Stone brings us the story of Jonah Falcon and reminds us that sometimes a blessing can be a curse.

Careful what you wish for.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Richard James is a funny bunny.

His video for Windowlicker is pretty damn good too.

Better Than One?
Speaking of weird pets...

I think I would rather just have two turtles.

And I'd still rather have a two-headed turtle than a cockroach.

Creepy Crawly
Seems that some folks in Australia are falling in love with the cute, cuddly cockroach?

Sure they're low maintenance...cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill but I simply cannot comprehend how one can keep himself from trying. Apparently people in Australia have not yet discovered the original low maintenance pet: the fish.

Call them what you want: litter bugs, rain beetles or macrobugs. They're still cockroaches and they would have a very short life expectancy in this house.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Quick Drawings
Big Joe and 4th Hour Teacher
Gaping Void
Slow Wave
Exploding Dog
This Modern World

Star Wars
Star Wars Kid Is Rad!
Soon To Be Richer
Already Famous
And Canadian

Game On!
I've been such a selfish blogger slacker the last few days. I have run across so many fun and exciting things online and I have not shared a one of them with you, my loyal followers. Follower. Reader. Are you still listening?

I'm kicking off the week with the first official link party. Check back in throughout the day for more thought provoking and mind numbing morsels of interest.

The Matrix: Untangled
Homely Girl Gets Naked

Terrorist Squirrel Gets Loaded
Dysfunctional Family Circus

Thong vs. Thong
I'll buy you a scooter(Windows Media)

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I'm Used To Early Being Late
Jenn was kind enough to tell me about Adobe's "Creativity Without Limits" conference a few weeks back. Adobe has been aggressively spreading the word about InDesign while the folks at Quark try to get their act together. The last stop of the eight city tour was the Hotel del Coronado down in San Diego.

Unfortunately, registration started at 8am. And the hotel is two hours away. That meant I was going to see the other side of morning for the first time in quite a while. I have never used InDesign but I have heard from customers in the store about the hell that is Xpress and why they are looking to Adobe for salvation. The InSight from the seminar might be worth the trip. And they would certainly have cookies, which makes just about any journey worthwhile.

I met up with Jenn at her place and we hit the road. Thankfully, she offered to drive. Surely pedestrians would have been in danger if I was behind the wheel at such an hour.

After a free continental breakfast, they started in with a presentation that shook my perceptions of Quark to the core. It really is trapped the dark ages. The last remaining gasps of a dying era. Maybe I saw a few too many transparencies and drop shadows. Maybe they spiked the cookies. Whatever they did, I was convinced, poised and ready to throw down an obscene amount of money for the future of publishing.

I snapped a few photos throughout the day. To my knowledge, Jenn and I were the only ones taking pictures. I may have also been the only one there who was fresh out of business cards.

After we made the trip back home, we capped off the day with a little NBA playoff action, a cup of hot chocolate and some tasty food from A's Burgers.

Quite a nice day overall.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

God Bless The Internet

Dear St. Isidore,

Thank you for all the broadband and wireless networks. Please send nudity.

-The Mollusk

From now on, I'm doing it for the children.
-via The Digital Tavern

Mit Gas
It's out! I have been dying to hear the whole CD since Ipecac posted a sneak preview track on their website and so far it hasn't disappointed.

I'll admit to being one of the legions of fans who embrace Mike Patton's work with open arms. In that sense I am not a very critical listener. But his (numerous) projects are always challenging in some way. In the case of his solo work perhaps a little too challenging. In the case of Fantômas, gloriously difficult.

Tomahawk's first effort was not the magnificent creation that I was hoping for, but in a world drenched in pop-punk-rap-rock-nu-metal , it's a welcome addition.

If labels like Ipecac ever make it into the iTunes Music Store then I am ruined.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Good News!
I just talked to Gina at Allstate...she called to let me know that I should disregard the paperwork I received yesterday. She sent it out before she talked to me.

Things are looking up.

Comments? I dont know...maybe.