Monday, February 09, 2004

You are my first blog and I love you!
Site Meter sent me my latest weekly report and it was a bit surprising: 300 visits. People took the time to visit this humble blog 300 times despite the fact that I haven't updated since January. I have no excuses but I do have a feeble explanation. I'll get to that in a minute. For now I will give you first priority VIP posting. A rare exclusive.

Because I love you.

Last night was one of wonder, merriment and discovery. I decided that, if I get accepted to grad school, my goal will be to get a job with Sony so I can help them with their woeful interface design. I will help them design a phone with features that don't take the tech-savvy early adopter hours to figure out. As our digital devices become more feature-laden such a casual approach to functionality could be their undoing. Either that or I will go to Apple and help them build the coolest things ever.

I had my first black and tan. Once I gathered the raw materials and attempted this on my own, but I was a little short on technique. The end result was simply a dark brown.

I found out that Tom Waits wrote an opera. Who knew?

I learned that Renee may be an opera singer but she appreciates those who know how to bring the rock!

And I learned that 300 people came to this blog last week.

Because of Allan, who keeps linking to me even though I don't post anything.

Not here at least.

Which is where my feeble explanation comes in. I have been posting elsewhere with some regularity.

And I have been remodeling.The new site should be completed soon. Yes Ben, you will finally have your MPL-approved site.