Saturday, August 24, 2002

So I got home from the party (very interesting traditional Indian affair by the way) and got to enjoy ANOTHER fire alarm. I had time to take my shoes off when it happened.

The system display panel in the lobby (I learned to check this some time ago) said something about a dry pipe or hose in the sprinkler pump room. I will sleep well knowing the building's safety features are not functioning properly.

The fire department came (again) and I casually ignored their request that we remain downstairs after noting that we we're in no immediate danger and I had been waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes. At least it wasn't happening at 1:00 am a neighbor joked.

And we just had another one. This is the THIRD fire alarm we have had in a little over a month that has occurred AFTER midnight!

The building manager arrived on site after the first incident and had someone ticketed for parking in her spot. She is the same person that inspired the four page diatribe I included in an earlier post.

Six days left and counting. This place is just wrong.


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