Wednesday, August 07, 2002

OK. There are two things I should tell you:

1. Over the last 6-9 months I have been "displaying" Poland Spring water bottles at my cubicle. There are about 70 of them now. No reason for it at all. I guess you could call it pop art. You could call it a beacon that makes me easy to find in my new location. You could could call it pointless.

2. Our company just reorganized our office and there is a terrible mess left over from our move.

Now, I just learned that one of the senior managers finds this display unnecessary, perhaps a bit unpleasant. As part of his efforts to complete the clean up process he asked one of the admins (not me) what was up with the water bottles. She told him that she was not aware of their specific purpose, but informed him that it may not be an issue since I was leaving the company. At some point in this conversation I was referred to as "The Water Bottle Guy".

He should have known my name. As someone who has been contributing to the health of the organization for the last three years he should have spoken to me directly and he should have known my name.


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