Monday, July 26, 2004


I'm not used to seeing the swaggering Tony Pierce beg for a little piece. Seems the iPod's siren song has caught his fancy in a big way. But it's hard to have any sympathy for a guy who gets to hang out with hot chicks.

And the one day deadline just makes it seem greedy.

So Tony, if you film yourself flailing around like a faux-Jedi and then upload the footage to your favorite p2p source then I will help you get your iPod. It's only fair.

I wouldn't be the Hyperbolic Mollusk if I didn't call them like I think they might be even though I don't see very well out of the water.


At 3:20 PM, Blogger tony said...

1. no one is begging
2. there was a one day deadline because i didnt want to bother people with the request
3. if i was greedy i would have asked for something else.
4. it's not about sympathy, its about $10 a loyal reader
5. no one can beat the star wars kid, not even me.


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