Sunday, July 25, 2004

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

Yesterday I was saved by Pet Junkie, her parents house and the glory of air conditioning. Jeff, Matthew and Anne Marie all met us in Bellevue to watch The Dreamers on a magnificent home theater system and to stay as far away from outside as possible. While we were consuming the sandwiches our afore-mentioned host prepared for us, the topic of tub girl and goatse came up...not exactly the best subjects to discuss in detail over a meal.

Some were curious. Some were tempted. But all eventually backed away from the idea of viewing the horror these two images have unleashed upon the world. But if you can handle graphic movies about incestuous sex then maybe you'll survive. Thus I present goatse (NSFW) and tub girl (NSFW). Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Seriously.

The former is a full-fledged phenomenon spawning its own tribute page. At least I warned you, which is a courtesy that I did not receive.


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