Friday, October 03, 2003

I Love Doc Searls
Let me get that out of the way first, lest someone think what I am about to say is some inflammatory attempt to generate traffic. The man is smarter than me. He has seen more of the world, and even the state of California, than I have. I believe he is a fellow Mac user. He is a much more reliable blogger...a billion times more.

Now, he is the one who posted a comment about blogrolls first. He said they were a pain in the ass. His words, not mine. He also says old school bloggers like himself maintain them for the edification of their readers. Well Doc, I'm a reader and your blogroll is useless to its current form.

I'm sure there there are a bunch of thought provoking blogs in there. But have you looked at it lately? There are 12,000 cryptically named sites listed. And, well, I'm just too lazy to sort through it using trial and error. (Please refer to the scarce and irregular posts in this blog as proof of my claim.) I need some kind of blogroll etymology that can help me make sense of it all.

My impassioned plea: break it down for me big man. Bring in a subcategory or two. Joi's random faceroll is about as useful to me as your monumental index. As it stands now, I see a list of non sequiturs, something that could be remedied with a modest re-org and a few headers.

Or don't. No one reads on the Web anyway. (Couldn't resist.)


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