Thursday, September 04, 2003

Burning With Optimism's Flames

XTC thought of that line before me, but I guess that's why people really like XTC. They found a way to make art that was relevant to people they have never known. It's relevant to me and I've never even listened to them. But it captures the way I am seeing the world lately.

Lately I have been astounded by people's the unique and unrepeatable details that make each day unlike the ones that preceded it. Things like freestyle walking...or weird flash movies.

I've been seeing it in blogs. I saw it in a movie last week.

I heard it in one of the most remarkable stories I've run across in some time.

I see it in the strangest man I have ever met.

I continue to see it in Tony who sees it all around him every day.

Xeni helped me see it at Burningman.

This guy must be seeing it pretty damn fact, maybe even better than he used to, despite the circumstances.

And amidst all of this wonder came the news that a close friend's dad has prostate cancer.

And I'm hoping that all of optimism's flames can burn it all away.


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