Friday, March 21, 2003


I am posting this from my local Starbuck's using their T-Mobile service and my free day pass. The speeds don't seem as mediocre as the coffee. I have to think they would be better served by changing providers and offering this as a free service. (Don't think this is an original thought. I got that idea from Doc Searls.)

But honestly, I could be here for a while, and my coffee will soon be depleted.

If not, it will certainly be cold and I will require a something less tepid to replace it.

I could conceivably spend 2 or three times as much as I usually would on coffee because I am spending more time than usual (about 20 or 30 times more) right here within Starbuck's iron grip.

This HotSpot idea is really only a novelty though. Good for those times when you don't have an open network or an Apple Store nearby. It's overpriced, but it can be. It's really the only game in town for high speed wireless access unless you have a Ricochet network in your neighborhoodwhich isn't likely.

Oh well...I guess all we can do is dream of the day when these are more common than payphones.

Or Starbuck's.

In Other News...
My adventurous friend has decided to abandon her journey through the blogosphere. I have been designated as her successor. Problem is, I am not capable of generating enough material to fill one blog, let alone two!

So, lone solitary reader, I am making an impassioned plea: help me rekindle that interest. If you have a blog of your own, post a short message and link to her at Let her know that we await her insights. Ruminations. Witicisms. I assure you that we are being deprived of interesting and insightful posts.

She will undoubtedly accuse me of being sarcastic or condescending, but this is a genuine attempt to bring her back into the fold. I have no pets. I must live vicariously through her.


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