Friday, March 07, 2003

Where The Hell Have You Been?

I am such an irresponsible blogger. How am I going to change the world and have a global impact on the democratization of the media if I post lame shit or, even worse, don't post at all?

Well, lone solitary reader, I have a partial excuse. I was in the mountains. You know, writing my neglected manifesto, honing my survival skills, cleaning my arsenal of assault weapons. Needless to say, it is hard to blog from the mountains. I'm not really sorry though. If you're reading this after my protracted abscence from blogdom then you'll never leave me.

On A Whim
Today Cosmic Lattice Ultra Member b... launched a blog of his own. If his contributions to CL are any indication of what is to come then plan on tuning in. You will be as intrigued, befuddled and amused as I have been for the last year.


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