Sunday, June 20, 2004

Rugged Mountain People

The last big adventure before I begin teaching was incredible. I packed up a wiley assortment of bargain purchases and borrowed equipment and we headed out to the Silver Fir campground near Mt. Baker.

After hunting around the campground a little we negotiated a change of location from the modest spot that was reserved to a sprawling double site with tent pads and river access. We weren't a moment too soon as five minutes after we claimed it a stream of folks in RVs drove by and asked if it was available. We unpacked the gear, spent a little time with my tent's instructions and had it up and running (after a little help with the rain fly) in just a few minutes. It would be home for the next few days and my only shelter from the rain that was beginning to look a little threatening. Thankfully the storm died down soon after we set up camp, leaving us with pleasantly cool weather and a lot of time to relax by the (achingly cold) river. Jeremy and Emma braved the frigid waters both with a wetsuit and without although I don't know how. I dipped my feet in and experienced physical pain after about fifteen seconds.

The next day was not quite as restful as we hiked up one of the closed roads to a spot with beautiful views of Mt. Baker and the surrounding peaks. Being the only novice hiker in the group (and an absent-minded one at that) I forgot to put on sunscreen, the consequences of which you can see in my pictures. Six miles later we were down by the river again to be joined later by Brian and Natalya.

Karen prepared the second of two wonderful dinners that night giving me a welcome break from my rabid consumption of Wheat Thins. It was an early night. Everyone was in bed before it was even completely dark out (granted that was a little after 10).

Tomorrow a class full of undergrads awaits me and there may be anouther camping trip before my trip home in July. Its only a matter of time before I grow out my beard, start eating bugs and keep a bear as a pet.


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Beard, yes. Bug-eating, no. Stick to wheat thins.


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