Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Reprinted without permission

"I am very happy to say, Roxanne and I have lost all
control of our senses and have decided to get

Yep- we fly off to her homeland Singapore on July 8th
where I will meet her folks and if her dad doesn't
kill me, we will be getting hitched on July 24th. I
know it would be extremely difficult for any of you to
fly out on such short notice (or even with long notice
for that matter) but I did want to extend an invite to
anyone who is insane enough (ed) to fly for 18+ hours
(Priceline, air fair is $850) to attend a wedding with
350 strangers. But if anyone does decide to come, I
will promise you to help with any accomidations as
well as a truly great time.

Oh and for those folks who I haven't spoke to in a
while- Rox and I bought a house last month and when we
get back we will be throwing a party sometime in


Congratulations to you both!


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