Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Remember way back when I noted that the guy who hit me on the 405 had "mailed the check?" Well, it hasn't gone down like that.

There was no check.

Seems there was no intention to mail the check.

He called and said that it came back to him because he "wrote the address down wrong" and that he would mail it off again. That never happened. I waited weeks for this check to make its way down from Woodland Hills (a whole 2 hours away) but it never came.

So I called his insurance company to file a claim.

Conveniently, about 5 minutes after his insurance company left him a voicemail message about my claim, he called me.

"I'm sorry, I spaced. I am mailing the check. I am putting the stamp on it right now."

I let him know that his insurance company had already been notified as I was tired of waiting for him. I waited a month. I was done waiting. He asked if I would just withdraw my claim as he really did not want this on his record. I told him that I tried to be cool with him but that he missed his chance.

Now that the insurance company is involved, things are getting messier. I just got paperwork in the mail stating that there was damage to his car and that they will now have to investigate. I don't know any more than that now, but this drama will not go away.


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