Friday, March 28, 2003

Well the media, prompted by Rumsfeld's request for more funds from Congress, is starting to get a whiff of the idea that this war may not be over as quickly as was intended. More lives may be lost than were expected.

But the coverage remains all stats and speculation. How many of them did we get? How will we crush them? Let us count the ways.

Folks around me seem to be less than enthusiastic about our endeavor in Iraq. People are organizing a unified voice of dissent through protests around the world. They are organizing against us. But the major media outlets have not seen fit to give the anti-war contingent a credible voice. They are so preoccupied with getting us feedback from the front lines and capturing the drama of combat that they haven't vigorously examined reasons why we should not even be there in the first place.

We've been in this for two weeks now and R.E.M. has already given us a song.

Thurston Moore has already given us a site.

There is already talk of an extended campaign. Real sacrifice. Major consequences. What will the voices of dissent sound like when it's no longer practical to give each casualty individual attention?

It's all starting to feel like a bait and switch. I'm starting to feel like we were tricked.


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