Thursday, December 29, 2005

Trying to go legit


Just after graduation, the gf gave me a battery of grown-up job-seeker accessories. There was a top notch geek pen, a leather bound legal pad, and a business card holder, all of which were intended to outfit me for the coming job search. She even printed out some business cards for me because she is sweet and thoughtful like that.

Now, this is all being integrated into a larger professional transformation. The plan is to have my sadly neglected web site and a new professionally oriented blog integrated into a seamless whole. As part of that effort, I ordered some blog cards that I can use as a promotional tool while networking, etc. The image above is on the front while my personal information appears on the back in white type on a red background.

They're beautiful!

I've admired blog cards, and their creator's newer work, for a long time but have never had a practical use for them. Now, they can be a promotional tool that illustrates my professional goals, advertises my capabilities, and communicates these things in an attention-getting and unexpected way. At least, that's what I say in the marketing pitch I keep running through my head.

That was the easy part though. The real work will be in getting a new site up and running. The bigger challenge will be finding people to give the cards to. I've bought all the tools I could need...but this application won't run itself.

It's easy to mistake purchases for progress. I need to put the hours in.


At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Mark said...

Welcome (back) to the Real World?


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