Friday, March 12, 2004

That Was Fast
One month off and now all of a sudden: posts!

I got more good news this morning. Looks like the next piece of the puzzle, a teaching assistantship (which effectively nullifies the $26,000 out of state tuition amongst other things) is on too! That means I will start teaching in June as a guest lecturer and later as a T/A when I am a student in the fall. The inaugural class will be TC 231: Intro to Technical Writing.

It appears I will have to be settled, more or less, in June. Which means I will likely be moving in late April/early May. I still have to figure out the details so I can give notice at work, start packing, find an apartment, etc.

It's been over a year of working retail, where little has changed except my schedule, and now I am staring down the barrel of intense and immediate changes.

I can't think of anything more exciting!


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