Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Reality Distortion Field Wears Off In Record Time
Looks like there is no shortage of people willing to call into question Apple's claim that they are about to deliver the fastest personal computer ever.

Good thing too. Only those freakishly obsessed with Apple would consider manipulating the benchmark tests fair and square. This is neither love nor war after all.

Real world tests in Photoshop made it pretty clear that the new towers will be stunningly powerful macs, but we'll have to wait for some truly independent tests before we can fully embrace Uncle Steve's hyperbolic claims.

In other news...
I busted out and got one of the new iSight cameras and downloaded the iChat AV beta. But maybe I jumped the gun.

There's NO ONE to try it with. I got to test it with my digital camcorder and a few coworkers yesterday, but at the moment only two folks even have the audio portion functioning. I tried the glorified speaker phone with Pet Junkie yesterday and she had to turn it off because it was scaring her dog.

My video conferencing endeavor hasn't really started off with a bang. It works though...what are you waiting for?


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