Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Old News Flash
Two bits that have transpired in the not so distant past that, for vague and unclear reasons, may still be of interest to you.

First off, it seems that mention of this meager digest on Doc Searls blog triggered a blitzkrieg of hits. I don't know how many, traffic is not my primary interest. That may sound like an attempt to be noble but I assure you I could become a log junkie at any moment.

I did peek in at Technorati out of curiosity and noticed a prodigious amount of traffic being funneled here by some of the big names in blogdom. Shocking.

Many undoubtedly noticed that I have been the eMachines to bOing bOing's Apple. Hopefully they don't mind that I steal their material. It's all in the spirit of sharing. My heart's in the right place.

In other news, Iowa professor Kembrew McLeod may pursue legal action against AT&T for unauthorized use of his legally trademarked phrase "Freedom of Expression." From the press release:

"Yesterday, Mr. McLeod sent AT&T a 'cease and desist' letter, asserting that consumers might infer a link between the company and his anti-corporate publication, "Freedom of Expression,"" wrote Ives in a January 23, 2003 New York Times column. McLeod objects to the fact that AT&T, in reality, cares little for freedom of expression; he is also concerned with the way intellectual property law is accelerating the privatization of our culture."

Seems reasonable given the outcome of the Eldred case.

It's peanut butter jelly time!


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